Which Magazines Will Publish Your Work? These 5!

In one of the other post, we’ve tackled the issue of being a full-time writer. One of the tips there was to get published with some of your other work in order to get noticed. Now, how do you get published? Luckily for you, me, and scores upon scores of aspiring authors, there are magazines and websites that let you pitch your stories to them and, if you are lucky enough, your stories will become public. Here are five magazines that might be interested in what you’ve got.

The Atlantic

This site is not so much for novelists, as it is for journalists, but it is a good place to start, especially if you need some practice doing research. You can pitch your ideas regarding news in politics, business, the world, and many other topics. They are also open to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, as well as reviewing books for you.

Zoetrope: All-Story

I was a bit hesitant to include this one on the list at first since, at the time of writing, they are undergoing some restructuring in terms of what kind of work they are willing to review. While you will most likely not get paid for your submissions even if they are accepted, you can expect great things going your way, as a few influential writers started their careers by publishing their own stories here.


AGNI has a strong list of criteria to follow, one of which is to make sure you are sending your work to them first, as they will not accept submissions that are already published and/or available to the general public, even if it’s something seemingly trivial, like a Facebook post. They accept submissions between the beginning of September and the end of May. They urge their prospective protégés not to send more work until the previous submissions have been reviewed. They also pay around $10 per published page, though don’t expect to earn big bucks from them in the long run.


Bustle is a publisher that reaches out to people who have a good point to make about women’s issues today. It is less about accepting pitches and more about employment. If you have experience in dating, senior lifestyle, entertainment, and reporting, you should apply. Otherwise, let us explore other options.

The Sun

The Sun is a magazine that encourages writers to apply, with fixed rates displayed for all to see. They purchase one-time rights, which means that you get paid for your work, but you still get to keep it, which is something worth considering. They are also welcoming writers of diverse ethnic backgrounds. What’s great about this is that they are not only open to writers but photographers, as well!

Author: Davey