Coming March 1, 2016 from PYR Books!

Black City Saint is a face-paced read, with a plot that hooked me in from the opening scene - MYLIFEMYBOOKSMYESCAPE

Fast paced and full of twists and turns, Black City Saint is urban fantasy with a 20s twist.


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(RICHARD A. KNAAK IS) a writer of vast imagination and great skill, such that readers should make themselves familiar with his work. Black City SainT is a welcome new release and quite hopefully the start of a new series of adventures.




I enjoyed this so much that I found myself unable to put it down.



“Black City Saint is a tale of a dragon slain by an ancient spear, its soul living inside Nick Medea.  Nick himself is a dead guy who isn’t dead in a city overrun by gangsters.  You get a vibe directly out of Sin City, but it’s the 1920s Chicago in Richard Knaak’s action-packed Urban Fantasy Noir where the Fairie and Human worlds collide.”



"This book does everything a great Urban Fantasy must do: It has a cool setting that leans on established times, and places. Stuff I know. Then it twists those ideas to show me a new side to that familiar world. Something dark, and mysterious and a little scary. Then Richard writes the shit out of it! Check on all counts." - GALAXY BOOKSHOP